Relationships/ Break-ups, Couples Therapy
Anxiety/ Panic
Personal Growth Work and Spirituality


My practice is very different from most therapists. Unlike most therapists, I do not schedule clients back to back; I allow a full half hour between sessions. This half hour space allows me to rest and clear my mind between sessions so that I am always fresh and fully present for each new person, not rushed or still thinking about the last session. I keep my practice small and select so that I am not overwhelmed, too busy, or stressed. I take care of myself so that I can be there for you, relaxed and happy to see you and ready to give you my full attention. And unlike most therapists, I give a full 60 minute hour, not a 50 minute hour. People seem to find this extra 10 minutes extremely helpful, because they are not cut off and hurried out before they are ready.

Many people I see tell me that their time with me is the one place of sanctuary that they have in their lives, and that when they leave my office at the end of the hour they feel lighter, calmer, and can think more clearly. They feel supported. And they have fresh new ideas and perspectives. I personalize and customize therapy to help each person individually. I have experience with a tremendous variety of types of people and problems. You can ask me any questions at any time about any thing. I work holistically, and am acutely sensitive to each person's individual personality, style, and culture.

My office is tranquil and reassuring. The setting is a beautiful home in a quiet residential neighborhood, in a large comfortable room with several choices of chairs or couches. Here, you will hear birdsong and the soothing sound of water in a fountain. You will see flowers and plants and paintings, and on cool days there's a fire in the fireplace. Glance out the picture windows and you will see a natural garden and forest. There is no waiting room - no people staring at you, no office staff - and no stairs to climb. The atmosphere is understanding, compassionate, gentle and non-judgmental. I will be there at the door to welcome you.

I encourage those who wish to solve problems without medication, and have many techniques and skills for doing so - and I also work with those who are currently taking medication or feel it would be helpful. My specialties include Couples Therapy, Relationships/Break-ups, Anxiety/Panic, Personal Growth Work and Spirituality, Trauma, and more. I have been trained in many different methods and orientations, and I draw upon my experience, education and intuition to personalize and customize therapy to fit each individual client's needs. I draw from Relational Therapy, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Imago Relationship Therapy, Gottman Method Couples Therapy and others, and use mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, and unconditional positive regard.

I am a participating provider for BlueCross/BlueShield Excellus, Aetna, United Behavioral Health, MHN, Prime, HealthNow, Fidelis, Medicare, and am in the process of becoming a provider for more insurance companies. However, if I am not a provider for your particular insurance, I can still submit and get paid as a non-participating provider. And if you don't have insurance that pays for mental health coverage, or you choose not to use it, I have a sliding fee scale. You do not have to commit to any certain number of sessions. We can work together to develop a plan that will get you where you want to go in a way you can afford.

Here is a place to find help in your search for peace of mind, emotional stability, and personal awareness. I can help you achieve a happy relationship, a greater understanding of yourself, and the knowledge of how to get what you want from life. We can do it together - you're no longer alone.